Travel Card Holders – Great Christmas Give-Aways

With Christmas approaching soon, most people seem to be in a mad rush to buy Christmas gifts. There is a strong attempt to meet sale quotas, generate end of the year reports, plan a great Christmas party and most importantly to come up with the plans the Christmas gifts in the offices and businesses.

Something unique this Christmas

Bored with same old Christmas gifts? How about gifting your employees with a stylish and elegant looking travel card holder this time? After all the efforts and hard work put in by the employees, you surely want to gift them with something at the end of the year. Don’t you? Presenting a card holder will be something unique, rather than presenting the same traditional type of gifts like umbrellas, pens or mugs.

Usher the passing year with something really useful

A Travel cards holder is a great way to store your important business cards. Presenting a fine quality and an elegant card holder to your employees, clients and other business associates will help them to keep their business cards and other cards in an organised and a safe manner.

You can find a variety of travel card bearers in the market. Nowadays you can even find the card holders made up of materials other than leather. Travel card bearers, as the name suggests can be taken along with you wherever you go.

Besides this a travel card holder is very handy too. You can keep it in your shirt’s pocket, jeans pocket or even hold them in your hands. Presenting them as a gift item to your clients and employees will surely be something unique.

Getting something new at the same old cost

Being functional, stylish and elegant the travel card holders are considered as a great give-aways. If ordered in a bulk, you can avail a lot of discounts as well.

One of the most impressive features of presenting travel card holders as gifts is that, these are not much expensive than mugs or umbrellas. If ordered wholesale, you can easily present a different gift at the cost of other corporate give- away.


These travel card holders can easily be imprinted with the company’s name, logo or message. By this you can easily promote your brand. Being a useful product, a travel cards holder is used many times. People use the card holders to give away their visiting cards, save the cards of other clients etc. There are people who might keep their credit cards in their card holders, thus every time they will take their credit cards out to shop or to pay bills, your brand will be displayed via the travel card holder. The more number of times your product is used, the better brand visibility it gets.

By presenting the corporate give-aways, you can ensure the patronage of your customers as well as clients. Apart from this it also ensures the loyalty of your employees. It also shows how much you care for your employees and the clients who are valuable for your business. But before availing such gifts, there are a few things to be kept in mind:

Always buy quality stuff.
Check whether the product will be useful for your employees and clients or not.
Gift your employees and clients with the product that is worth giving and the gift that must make sense. Gifting any gift without thinking twice on it an really affect your business.
Ensure that the gift is packaged and delivered on time. There is no point of sending a Christmas gift after the occasion.

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